Mother’s Day Reflection

It’s Mother’s Day and while saying Happy Day to every other mother under the sun feels like the right thing to do, I must confess: It brings me sadness. As a single mom, it wears on me. My children do not wake up excited that its Mother’s Day and hope to give me just one day out of the year where it is all about me. The hardly acknowledge the fact that it’s Mother’s Day at all. In fact, even though father of child #2 would like to think that we are in a relationship, his Mother’s Day opening over the phone is “Happy Baby Mama’s Day”. I do not know too many women who are ok with that. Not many self-respecting women and it breaks my heart that no matter how many times I tell him that stuff like that is not cute, he cannot refrain from indulging in childish antics.

I love my children dearly and I am happy to be their mother. A lot of times I wonder if I am the best mother that they could have asked for. I know I’ve fallen short in many areas over the years but my love for them has never wavered. Perhaps one day they will realize the sacrifices that went into being their mother.

Some women have a multitude of support and some women feel isolated. No matter what category we fall into, I’m realizing that raising children is a beautiful thing and one of the most selfless acts demonstrated. To all the mothers out there I bid a very Happy Mother’s Day. I’m even doing so for myself. No matter if they say it or not, today is Mother’s Day and I’m doing the best I can to raise productive men for our future.

Starting the Month of May

It is the month of May and I am excited for a few reasons. One, the weather has finally taken a turn for the warmer end of the thermostat. Having what felt like a forever winter was wearing on my nerves. Two, I am a wine educator, learning wine as I teach it to others. I figured a few things when I decided to fill my May calendar with wine tastings:

  • I definitely want to be more social
  • I love talking to people and educating them on a topic.
  • I love wine!

This is a perfect way to get in front of people and work on my presentation skills while having fun at the same time. I welcome May with a new excitement for what is to come in the year 2018. As I tink on a wine glass to start serving up wine education, you will hear me say all month, ‘May I have your attention’.

Welcome Post

The time has come where I am actively working on breaking the shy that has been a major character flaw in my life. This, of course is my opinion only. Under most circumstances I would consider myself more reserved than shy. But either way, no matter what terminology you use, I tend to hold myself back when it comes to social situations.

This blog will be my journey into my voice. A voice I have kept silenced, a voice I have chosen to lose and along with it my identity.

My name is Tanisha, and it is nice to meet you!